Ownership & Developers

Fractional Ownership is the SMART financial alternative to whole ownership.

The benefits of fractional ownership on one of the finest lakes in the Muskokan region:

  • Diversify your asset portfolio! Don’t tie up millions of dollars owning a vacation home!
  • It is not necessary to tie up your savings owning a multi million dollar vacation home.
  • Own a fraction of a multi million dollar Muskoka shared ownership cottage based on the time you actually plan to use it. Purchase on the basis of your vacation patterns.
  • Invest the balance of your savings, not used to purchase whole ownership in other areas and diversify your portfolio.
  • Minimize your financial risk of owning expensive cottage real estate. Cut your costs and exposure by a tenth and still enjoy the luxury lifestyle on Lake Joseph.
  • Obtain full value for your lifestyle investment: Use the Registry Collection to travel to exotic locales or urban centers.
  • Exchange time off season time at the Muskokan and travel to exotic or urban centers through the Registry Collection.
  • The Registry Collection assumes all risk of your exchange. That is, once you deposit time you can use it immediately-no restrictions.
  • Avoid unexpected large capital expenditures.
  • The Muskokan operates as a condominium corporation funding future repair costs through a Reserve Fund which is updated every 3 years.
  • Professional managed with independent Board of Directors.
  • Hassle free ownership
  • Enjoy every hour of your vacation
  • No need to look for qualified maintenance or security personnel

For more information about The Muskokan Resort Club on Lake Joseph click HERE.


The Muskokan is the result of an exciting partnership between Resorts Muskoka Ltd., Sauer International Investments, Karl Hertel and builder Fred Haas.

All recognized as leaders in their fields, these companies are renowned for their attention to detail and their commitment to quality - both of which can be seen in every facet of The Muskokan.